How to Filter the QuickBooks Tax Report (GST)?

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

The Tax Detail Report in the Intuit QuickBooks accounting software consist of four parts; they are the Sales, Purchase, Tax on Sales, and Tax on Purchases.

The default Tax Detail report is inclusive of the non-taxable journal transaction (such as depreciation and payroll) in the purchases section of the report, local (Singapore) user will usually focus on the “Tax on Sales” and “Tax on Purchases” section only.

QuickBooks Tax Detail (GST) report

Click the “Customize Report” button to start modifying the Tax Detail report.

In the Modify Report wizard, go to the Filters tab, select the “Item” from filter window, and select the “All Sales Tax” from the item dropdown list.

QuickBooks filter Tax report

Once the Tax Detail report is filtered, export the report to MS Excel and use the Sum() function to sum the taxable amount of both the Sales and Purchase value.