Where to find…

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

The “Find” function (Edit menu | Find) is one of the methods you may consider to use for searching transactions you recorded in QuickBooks.

“Simple” find allows user to find Invoice, Estimate, Sales Receipt, Credit Memo, Bill, Cheque, Credit Card, Purchase Order, Sales order, and Journal transaction. For example, you need a list of journals, which was dated last month, you can use a “Simple” find function to search for these records in QuickBooks. In the “Simple” find window, select the “Journal” transaction type, set the date range, and click the “Find” button to search for the records.

QuickBooks Simple Find

“Advanced” find gives a more comprehensive way to search for records. For example, you remembered that you did pass a few journals last week, but couldn’t remember the transaction date or the details, you can use the “Advanced” find feature to search for these journal transactions and filter the “entered” date range (Entered/Last Modified) of the records.

QuickBooks Advance Find