How to create a Remittance Advice template in Reckon Accounts?

Software: Reckon Accounts 2015 (formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks)

Reckon introduces a new customizable template, Remittance Advice, in Reckon Accounts 2015 (formerly known as Reckon Quickbooks).

Users who were formerly used QuickBooks Asia version (aka QuickBooks Singapore) had used the Remittance Advice form as a Payment Voucher. In the earlier version, the Remittance Advice template was not customizable; the user was not able to change the form title to Payment Voucher, add a company logo, or add an additional text box such as “Authorized Signature” or “Received By”. Reckon has finally allowed the user to customize the Remittance Advice template in Reckon Accounts 2015.

QuickBooks - Remittance Advice

Like an invoice template, user can change the template title, or add a text box via the “Layout Designer” feature.

Design a remittance advice in QuickBooks

A customizable Remittance Advice template is a great news for those QuickBooks Asia (aka QuickBooks Singapore) users who have managed to upgrade to the latest Reckon accounts 2015. Hope Intuit can have a customizable “Bill Payment Stubs” to benefit those who had crossover from QuickBooks Asia (aka QuickBooks Singapore) to the Intuit QuickBooks 2015.