Shall I continue with QuickBooks desktop or moving on to the QuickBooks Online?

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

For those users who are still using the older version of Reckon QuickBooks may have some difficulty installing the QuickBooks in a newer Window OS (Operating Systems). If you need to keep or continue with your existing company file, then upgrade to a newer Reckon Accounts (formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks) may seems to be the only choice.

If you are willing to start a fresh, besides Reckon Accounts, you may also consider crossing over to the QuickBooks Online (QBO), which is a Cloud based accounting software; or the Intuit QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. Both QuickBooks Online and Intuit QuickBooks desktop accounting software are easy to use. They have the similar structure as the Reckon QuickBooks, which user will adapt quickly.

You may not able to migrate all the transactions from Reckon QuickBooks to the QBO or Intuit QuickBooks desktop accounting software, but you are able to migrate most of the lists over to the newer “QuickBooks” software; list such as the Chart of Accounts, names and items list.

Whether to use a Cloud based accounting software or stay on with desktop software like Reckon Accounts or Intuit QuickBooks are subjected to your needs.

Cloud based accounting software such as QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows user to start off at a very minimum investment; what you need is just a computer that has a web browser and an internet connection, which allows you to connect to the World Wide Web. No sever, no LAN setup for sharing, and no software installed.

In the other hand, Desktop accounting software required a proper LAN setup if you want to share the data file within your office, and the software is physically installed on to the computer. If you need to access the software and company file from anywhere like the QBO, then you may need to have a remote access tool to access your sever or computer remotely (Consult your IT on remote access solution).

Although, QBO may be cheaper and simple to start off, the features at this moment are limited comparing to QuickBooks Desktop accounting software. If you are used to Desktop accounting software, switching to a Cloud based accounting software may require some time to adjust. Although, “Cloud based” maybe the future, you may prefer to stay on the Desktop while waiting for the Cloud to be mature.

Both the Cloud based and Desktop accounting software has it own advantages and disadvantages, test drive both or take a look at the demo and the solutions available before making a decision on an accounting tool for your business.

Talk to us if you are unsure whether to stays on with the desktop accounting software or move on to the Cloud.