Prepare an Aged Receivable report by debtor’s name

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

By Default, the Aged Receivable and Aged Payable report of MoneyWorks accounting software is sorted by Name Code.

For example:

Name Code         Name
BROWN               Brown Suppliers
FEB001                 ACE Logistic Co

Brown Suppliers will be printed before ACE Logistic Co because the name code for ACE Logistic Co is FEB001, which is behind BROWN when sorted alphabetically.

To sort the report by name instead of name code, first, sort the debtor name from the name list window (click the Name column header to sort by name). Next, go to the Edit menu and select the “Select All” function to highlight all the debtor names, and then print the Aged Receivable report.

Aged Receivable by name

The new Aged Receivable report will print ACE Logistic Co before Brown Suppliers since it has sorted alphabetically by “name”.