Insert the Comment field of a Validation list into the form

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Set up the transaction field with a Validation list helps to keep the field as a mandatory and maintain consistency in data entry.

The validation code, which recorded in the transaction field, will be printed when the transaction field is being added to the form.

However, If you prefer to print the Comment of the validation field instead of the validation code, which has been recorded in the transaction, then a Find ( ) function is needed.

For example, if the “ShipVia” validation list is being tagged in the Transaction.User3 field, to print the comment of the “ShipVia” validation list you need to insert a Find ( ) function into the Invoice template.

Find (“Lists.comment”, “ListID = `ShipVia` and item = `”+user3+”`”)

The above Find ( ) function will search for the comment of the “ShipVia” validation list, which has been recorded in the transaction.user3 field, and print it onto the form.

Example of a ShipVia validation list:

Validation Code      Validation Comment

SeaFre                        Sea Freight

AirFre                          Air Freight

If “SeaFre” validation code is recorded in the invoice transaction, with the above Find ( ) function, the Validation Comment “Sea Freight” will be printed on the invoice.

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