Create an invoice in QuickBooks for selected items from multiple Sales Orders

Software: Intuit #QuickBooks accounting software

In our previous post, Multiple Sales Orders to one invoice, we mentioned that we can create an invoice for selected items from multiple sales orders. This can be done by process the orders using the “Create invoice for selected items” option instead of the “Create invoice for all of the Sales Order(s)”.

Create invoice with multiple item from Sales Order

When creating an invoice, the Sales Order number is tagged to the item. Therefore, when process similar item from different Sales Orders, the quantity ordered will not be consolidated, it will show separately in the invoice.

This scenario can be happened when repeated orders received within a short period of time; or there is a shortage from the manufacturer, which cause the order of a similar item piling up.

The “Open Sales Orders by Customer” and “Open Sales Orders by item” report shows the backorder due to a customer.

QuickBook Open Sales Order Report