Reckon Accounts 2016

Software: Reckon Accounts

Reckon Australia has just launched their new desktop accounting software – Reckon Accounts 2016.

Reckon Accounts, formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks, was popular in South East Asia countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, until a few years back when they formally ended their business relationship with Intuit, the owner/developer of Quickbooks. Reckon Accounts now only market in Australia/NZ.

For version 2016, Reckon has renamed the Reckon Accounts Pro to Reckon Accounts Premier. Reckon Accounts Premier 2016 starts with a minimum of 2 user license. Guess those users who are using an older version of Reckon Accounts Pro (or Reckon QuickBooks Pro) single user license may find it “difficult” to justify for an upgrade. Could this be a strategy encouraging these users to switch from the Desktop accounting software to their Cloud based accounting software – Reckon One?

Since Reckon no longer sells the Reckon Accounts range of product outside of Australia/NZ, testing the new version may not be possible for Asia users. However, we will try to provide relevant information and updates, whatever appropriate.

Reckon has also added the Reckon Accounts 2013 and Reckon QuickBooks 2012/13 into their list of sunsetted products list. If you are using a sunsetted Reckon Products, you may consider contacting your software provider (or us @ +65 63360300) for more information on upgrading or changing to other software options.