The “Multiple” item in the QuickBooks Tax Agency Detail Report

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There are differences between the Reckon Accounts (formerly known as Reckon QuickBooks) and the Intuit QuickBooks’ (Desktop version) Tax Detail Report (GST Detail Report). As mentioned in my earlier post, Tax Agency Detail Report breaks into 4 sections; Sales, Purchase, Tax on Sales, and Tax on Purchases.

Under the Sales and the Purchases section, you may see the word “-MULTIPLE-” printed under the Item column when a transaction consists of more than one item or account. To have a breakdown of the item or account used in each detail line, a Custom Transaction Detail Report is needed. A customized Custom Transaction Detail Report is not a replacement of the Tax Agency Detail Report, but rather a supporting report to ease in checking of the GST transactions before you file the Tax Return.

GST Tax Agency Report

Reports menu > Custom Reports > Transaction Detail

Click the “Customise Report” button at the top of the Custom Transaction Detail Report to start the customization.

Under the Display tab of the Modify Report window, change the “Dates” to “Last Fiscal Quarter” and the “Total by” to “Sales Tax Return Line”.  We only need fields such as: (left margin), Type, Date, Num, Name, Memo, Account, Sales Tax Code, Net Amount, Sales Tax Amount, and Gross Amount; so select the relevant fields from the “COLUMNS” window in the Display tab.

GST Display

Next, under the Filters tab of the Modify Report window, select “Sales Tax Code” from the Filter window and select the “All taxable codes” from the Sales Tax Code dropdown list (next to the filter window).

GST Filter

If you prefer to rename the report title, such as “GST Detail Report”, you may change the Report Title from the Header/Footer tab.

GST Custom Transaction Report

Memorize the report for future use. Click the memorize button, which located at the top of the report, and follow the wizard to memorize the report under the Memorize Report list (memorized reports are stored under the Reports menu > Memorized Report).

As mentioned earlier, the Custom Transaction Detail Report is not a replacement of the Tax Agency Detail Report. You still need to print the Tax Agency Detail Report to check and ensure the tax amount is correct, and does a “File Tax Return” process to complete the GST finalization.