QuickBooks maintenance

Software: Intuit #QuickBooks #accounting software

QuickBooks company file is a database, which keeps all the financial records such as customer and supplier profile, invoices, bills, payment, receipt, journals, etc. A database is like a motor vehicle, which you have to “service” it regularly to ensure it is in good condition. It could be due to amend or delete a record, or user has not properly logged out of the company file, or a problem with the hardware while the company file is still open.

The QuickBooks monthly maintenance includes the sorting of the list, rebuild and verify of the database. To sort the list such as a name list, both customer and supplier name, go to the Write Cheque transaction, rest the cursor in the “Pay to the order of” field, and press the Ctrl+L keys to bring up the name list. Then, click the Name button, which located at the bottom of the name list window, and selects the “Re-Sort list” feature; QuickBooks will return the list to a default order.

QuickBooks Re-sort list

Next, from the File menu select the Utilities and follow by a Rebuild Data to reindex the database. QuickBooks will help to repair the database automatically if there is any problem with the database. If there are database error such as duplicate element, a user has to remove the duplicate manually as QuickBooks does not know which duplicated name or account you would like to keep. QuickBooks will prompt you to contact a QuickBooks technician if it cannot repair automatically.

Lastly, run a verify data (under the File menu, Utilities) to ensure no other problem found after the rebuilding process has done.