Unrecoverable Error: Network Receive Error (-1)

Software: MoneyWorks #accounting software

The MoneyWorks Datacentre Console has to install in a Server (or a Workstation which act as a Sever) and host the MoneyWorks company file. The MoneyWorks Gold or MoneyWorks Datacentre Client, which installed in a Desktop Computer or a Notebook Computer, connects to the MoneyWorks Datacentre.

Unrecoverable Error

If the MoneyWorks Client is still connecting to the Datacentre when the notebook computer goes into hibernation, an Unrecoverable Error of Network Receive Error (-1) will occur when the user fires up the computer in another location as the MoneyWorks client couldn’t locate the host.

To maintain a data integrity, you should log off the databases when your computer is out of the network coverage.