How to remove the GST Summary from an invoice?

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Although you have designed the invoice template with the Subtotal, Tax Total (GST) and Invoice Total fields at the form footer, the GST Summary (Sales Tax Summary) is still automatically shown after the last item.

The GST Summary consists of the tax rate and tax amount. For those users who have multiple tax codes in one invoice may prefer to have the GST Summary printed.

If you prefer to have a GST Summary separately show as a field by itself instead of after the last item, you can add it from the Footer tab (check the Sales Tax Summary checkbox) of the template designer.

GST Summary

For users who have preset the GST Rate at the footer (If you only have one tax rate on each invoice) may prefer not to show the GST Summary field as it seems like a duplicated information. Showing the tax summary on the invoice is mandatory in QuickBooks, either shows it after the last item or as a field by itself. Since you can’t remove it, you may consider to “hide” the GST Summary field if you have preset the tax rate in the field label of the tax amount. To hide it, you move the GST Summary field (make it smaller) to the side of the form and remove the borders and change the text colour to white. Although the GST Summary field is “printed” on the form, it is “white” in colour and will not be seen on the printout.