Data verification during backup

Software: Intuit #QuickBooks #accounting software

Data verification is a process in QuickBooks to check for data integrity of a company file. Under the backup option, you can have a complete, quicker or no verification done during backup.

QuickBooks Backup

By default, it is recommended to have a Complete Verification. QuickBooks will run a thorough check of the company file and warn the user when there is a problem found.

Backing up with a complete verification will take a little longer compare with other verification option. Unless you are in a hurry, if not, you should run a complete verification instead of a quicker verification. A Quicker Verification, as mentioned in the QuickBooks knowledge base, is less thorough as it only checks the essential parts of the data file.

You should do a data maintenance regularly if you have opted not to verify data during backup.

Verifying and rebuilding of data are as important as backing up of a data file. Verifying helps to check the data integrity and alarm you when there is a need to repair the data file.