Date and time you prepared the QuickBooks report

Software: Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software

QuickBooks, by default, added a Date and Time stamp on the report, this helps to reduce confusion over the validity of data. I guess this is a good reporting feature if you print lots of reports; however, you can remove the stamp if you think otherwise.

Click the Customise Report button, which is on the top left corner of the report, to open up the Modify Report wizard. Then, uncheck both the ‘Date Prepared’ and ‘Time Prepared’ checkboxes from the Header/Footer tab to remove the date and time stamp from the report.

QuickBooks Report

That’s it. You have modified your report. If you are using it often, then memorise it. Memorising is like creating a ‘template’, it saves the report setting instead of having to modify the report each time you print it.

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2 thoughts on “Date and time you prepared the QuickBooks report

  • Another thing to consider when creating reports is the size of your file. If you are using Pro, Premier, or Mac, the program will search for all transactions before narrowing down the report to the parameters you have picked such as last year. If you have a large file, this may take some time.
    Enterprise only searches for transactions in the period or parameter specified and delivers a report sooner. It is one reason I recommend it for my Seattle clients.

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