How to use the Price Level in QuickBooks?

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

You can pre-set a discount level, either by a fixed percentage or per item basis, for each customer with the QuickBooks Price Level feature. QuickBooks Price Level feature help to ease the data entry if you are giving special pricing to the regular customer.

Fixed Percentage Price Level Type:

Select the Price Level List from the Lists menu, then click the Price Level button at the bottom of the screen and follow by New to add a new price level type into the list. Set the price level type as ‘Fixed %’ and the percentage to decrease accordingly, such as 10% or 20%.

QuickBooks Fixed Percentage Price Level

Next, add the price level which you have just created to the Customer who enjoys the discount.

QuickBooks Customer

Whenever you create a Sales Invoice for this customer, the unit price will always show the discounted price.

Per Item Price Level Type:

Besides fixed percentage price level, you can give a different price based on per item basis. That is, each customer can have a different item price. For example, the retail price for item A is $100; you sell to Customer123 at $88 and Customer456 at $83. Item B which is also $100, but you sell to Customer123 at $90 and Customer456 at $100 (no discount). Per Item price level comes in handy since fixed percentage discount will not work in this case.

QuickBooks Per Item Price Level

You need to change the price level type to ‘Per Item’ and set the Custom price for each item, and then link it to the customer.

Although price level is useful, there is a limitation. You can only set up to 100 different price levels at this moment. Besides, it seems to have a problem exporting ‘Per Item’ Price Level list when you try to use the same list for another company file.

Discuss with your QuickBooks Consultant if you are not sure how to implement Price Level for your company.