QuickBooks Previous Bank Reconciliation report

Software: QuickBooks Desktop Software

You can print the Bank Reconciliation report, both summary and detail, immediately after you have done the reconciliation.

The Bank Reconciliation report consists of Beginning Balance, Cleared Balance (actual bank balance), Register Balance (ledger balance), and transaction list of both cleared (presented) and uncleared transactions (available in the detail report).

QuickBooks Previous Reconciliation

QuickBooks Premier and above version does keep a copy of the previous reconciliation reports at the Report menu (you can find the Previous Reconciliation report under the Banking sub-menu), whereas the QuickBooks Pro version only has the last reconciliation report. Besides, you have an option to print the previous reconciliation report to include ‘Transactions cleared at the time of reconciliation (PDF)’ or Transactions cleared plus any changes made to those transactions since the reconciliation’; these reports come handy when you have forgotten to print after reconcile or there is a discrepancy.

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