QuickBooks Purchase Order

Software: QuickBooks Desktop Accounting System

You should use Receive Inventory method (either with or without Bill) to record the supplier invoice if there is a Purchase Order created earlier. In this case, the Purchase Order (PO) will be marked as ‘Closed’ (completed) when goods have received.

Purchase Order is a document sent from the buyer to the seller (the supplier) to indicate the quantity and price of a product or services which they intend to purchase.

Although a Purchase Order is a non-posting transaction which will not record into the ledger, you should do some housekeeping to tidy up the open order list.

If you have accidentally recorded a Bill without converting from a Purchase Order, which you have created earlier, the Purchase Order stays in the ‘Open’ list until you have manually ‘close’ it.

You can manually check (tick) the ‘CLSD’ field behind the line item to indicate that the item has already ‘closed’ (The quantity received may remain as zero). Once all the line items in the PO have indicated as close, the Purchase Order will automatically mark as ‘Closed’ and removed from the open Purchase Order list.



This method can also be used to ‘close’ an item or purchase order if the item which you ordered has already obsoleted or not fulfiled.

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