QuickBooks Subtotal item

Software: #QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

Subtotal is an item type in QuickBooks which allows the user to have a section total for the products and services they sell. For example, you have a list of products and services on the sales invoice which you like to show the total value of the products sold; you can insert the Subtotal item after the last product to show a total of the products sold before continue with the service item or give a discount.

QuickBooks Subtotal

It is common for project sales invoice to have multiple subtotal items breaking down the services and products. A software developer may breakdown the invoice by software licenses, development and support from various phases. The invoice from a renovation firm may breakdown the invoice by carpenter work, disposal of fittings, design, wet work, etc. As a client, you will like to see the total you paid for each category such as the cost of fabricating the cabinets, the total for the wet work done on each room, etc.

QuickBooks Invoice

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