Work from home

Work from home is a concept where the company allows the employee to work remotely from home (or outside of the office premises); it helps the company to get work done without having the employee reporting to the office and also promoting a work-life balance. When you have young children or aged parent to take care of, it’s handy to allow to work from home. Work from home concept has become essential during Covid-19 outbreak; businesses have to continue operating when employee get quarantine.

Moving to Cloud-Computing or changing the current operation tools need time to evaluate and cost to implement. What can a small business do if staff received a quarantine order tomorrow? How to get a ‘quick fix’ to resolve the immediate issue?

Microsoft Remote Desktop, Google Remote Desktop, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, etc. are remote access solution which allows the client computer (such as the computer at home) to access the host computer (the computer in office) remotely via the internet. The remote computer will get the same screen as the host computer, same network drive without having to learn a new system. For example, you are using QuickBooks Desktop accounting system, which is not a cloud-based system like the QBO (QuickBooks Online) or MoneyWorks Now, can use a remote access tool to connect to the office computer as if you are in the office. Discuss with your IT on how and which remote access solution you should adopt (consider ease of use, cost, and security), and you are remotely accessible once set up. Simple.

Besides accessing the office computer, another area to consider is meetings and collaboration among staffs and clients. Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts, Apple FaceTime, Zoho Meeting, Zoom Meeting, Cisco WebEx, etc. are communication and collaboration tools which you can consider. Whether it’s a one-to-one discussion, group meeting, or webinar; technology has made it possible.

Once a ‘quick fix’ solution has set up, then discuss how to go digital. You may cut down the paper document, simplify the business processes, move on to cloud storage, cloud server or use cloud application for the HR (Human Resource), sales, warehouse, and business finance, etc. Do a web search to find out what’s available for your operation or engage a consultant to put a system in place.

Stay safe and healthy.