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MoneyWorks update v8.0.9


MoneyWorks accounting software v8.0.9 update is available. You SHOULD update to the v8.0.9 if you are using serial number tracking feature. The bugs fixed are:

  • Fixed insertion of serial/batch numbers using the serial chooser.
  • Serial numbers in a Quote now transfer to the Job budget
  • Fixed occasional truncation of long product codes in orders, etc.

Please refer to Cognito website for the full change history of v8.0.9 update.

MoneyWorks update v8.0.8

MoneyWorks accounting software version 8.0.8 update for Datacentre is available. This update fixed Datacentre client updates and chain reports crash when running on the server.

Visit Cognito website to view the detail change history.


MoneyWorks update v8.0.7

MoneyWorks accounting software version 8.0.7 is now available. MoneyWorks Datacentre user should update as soon as possible as this update fix number of bugs.

Click here to view the change history.