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Swiftpage to Acquire Sage ACT!

Sage ACT! 2013Swiftpage to Acquire Sage ACT!

Who is Swiftpage?

Why does Swiftpage want to buy ACT!?

As an ACT! Customer, what you need to know?

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Integrating Sage ACT! with Google

Software: Sage ACT! Contact Management

After 5 years of using BlackBerry, I finally changed to Android.  My main worry before changing my mobile phone was how to bring my thirteen thousand contacts and calendar from my Sage ACT! to my mobile phone (I did most of my task on the move. I need to email, schedule and update my service report on the go).

One of the methods I tried is synchronizing my Sage ACT! database with my Android via the built-in feature in Sage ACT! – Integrate with Google.

This feature is great as it is able to sync all my contacts (13,702 contacts) to my mobile phone. Besides, my calendar is up to date (both way). When I added a new activity on my mobile phone, it synchronized back to my Sage ACT! data, which my colleagues are able to view it instantly at the office and vice versa.

As a trainer, I need this wireless sync feature. Sage ACT! is our central database to track our Customers, Calendar, Sales Opportunity, Documents (PDF copy of Quotation, Invoices and source documents from client) and Service Reports. My Sales team will schedule for me when there is a free slot available, and this information is then automatically push to my mobile phone (Google Calendar) via either WIFI or mobile network.

Sage ACT! is a great tools for small businesses or workgroup like us, a tool to share contacts, calendar and other information among colleagues.

Synchronize ACT! with Blackberry via CompanionLink

I have been using Sage ACT! Contact Management software for years and I liked it a lot. You won’t be able to understand how helpful it is until you personally use it. I have been using it since version 4, when it was still under Symantec.  Lately, My IT team upgraded my version of ACT! to ACT! 2012 and it causes some problem with my Blackberry.

I sync my two thousand contacts from ACT! to my Blackberry 9000 (old model which uses OS 5) via CompanionLink 5. I thought it was working fine till I discovered duplicates contacts, addresses, task and memo after my second sync.

After few rounds of erase and re-sync, I discovered that the problem was in the CompanionLink setting. During the first sync, if you set it as “With Wipe contacts on Blackberry before sync”, you need to go back to your CompanionLink setting to remove the selection after first sync completed. Unlike the previous version which I used, the selection won’t automatically unchecked after first sync. The issue could be my Blackberry OS was not the latest version and it causes CompanionLink to behave differently.

Although, there was a slight disturbance, ACT! and CompanionLink still my favourite software. They help me save time and share information across departments.