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Import customer and supplier list

The name table is part of the accounting software, stores the customer and supplier, which then used in generating orders and invoices.

From the Show menu of the MoneyWorks accounting system, scroll down to Names. Then, click the New button on the icon bar of the Names Window to add a new contact, either customer or a supplier.

MoneyWorks uses 0 to 2 in the CustomerType and SupplierType field to differentiate a customer from a supplier. For example, a ‘0’ in the CustomerType for non-customer, a ‘1’ is for a cash-only customer, and a ‘2’ is a debtor. A receivable account tagged to the name when the CustomerType is ‘2’. Of course, a name can also be both a customer and a supplier.

Prepare import file in spreadsheet

Importing save tons of work. You can import contacts into MoneyWorks instead of entering it one at a time when crossing over from another accounting software. When preparing an import file, you have to ensure each contact has a unique name code, the customer or supplier type ranging from 0 to 2, and a receivable or payable account if it’s a debtor or creditor.

Import Map

Once the import file has prepared, you can use the import feature from the File menu or do a copy and paste from the spreadsheet to the MoneyWorks Name list. Either method will bring up the import wizard which allows you to map the source field (on the left of the window) to the MoneyWorks field on the right side of the import wizard. Note: you can set the receivable or payable account to ‘work it out’ if you did not preset it in the import file.

Click the okay button on the import wizard to start importing the names. Randomly check the imported result from the name list and amend if required (Example: the company or address may get truncated if it has exceeded the field length limit).

name list

That’s it. Thousands of contacts get into MoneyWorks within seconds.

QuickBooks Customer Account Number

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

You can search for a customer by the account number from the Customer List but not when recording a sales invoice. Hence, the customer account number may not be as useful as the customer name in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Customer Profile

QuickBooks search and display the Customer Name instead of the company name when creating invoices; therefore use the company name for the customer name field may be more logical for B2B businesses.

QuickBooks Sales Invoice

Let’s say you assigned account number AC123 for customer ABC Pte Ltd. To record this in QuickBooks, you may enter the Customer Name as ABC, the Company Name as ABC Pte Ltd, and AC123 into the account number field. The system picks up ABC Pte Ltd if you enter ABC in the ‘Customer:Job’ field when preparing an invoice.

QuickBooks Customer Account Number

QuickBooks Customer Name and Company Name.png

You may use Student ID, which is unique, as the Customer name if you are using QuickBooks for school. Mobile phone number is also unique, which you can use it as a Customer Name if you are operating a car repair shop. Alternatively, you can join both code and name in the customer name field such as ID-CompanyName (example: 63360300 – Solarsys Microsystem Pte Ltd).

QuickBooks Accounts Receivable Ageing Summary Report only shows Customer Name. It’s good to record a few transactions and test the results before deciding on what to use for the Customer Name field.

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Import Names into MoneyWorks accounting software

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

Yes. You can import names such as Supplier and Customer into MoneyWorks accounting software instead of entering it manually when migrating from other accounting software (You may have to tidy up the source file if the exported file from your existing software is messy, garbage in garbage out).


Apart from the standard fields such as the Company name, contact person, address, phone, fax, and email; you need to prepare the file with Name Code and Name Type.

The Name Code is a code uniquely identified the name. The maximum characters allowed for the name code is 11 (Alpha-numeric). For example, you have a customer ‘Best Accounting Firm LLP’, the name code could be ‘BES001’. The first three characters of the name code, BES, is same as the first three characters of the company name.

Name Type is important. It specifies whether the name, customer or supplier, recorded is a cash or credit (accrued) name type. ‘0’ is ‘False’, ‘1’ is ‘Cash’, and ‘2’ is ‘Credit’. For example, you give a customer 30 days credit terms and this name is not a supplier. You set the Customer Type as ‘2’, Payment Term as ’30’ and Supplier Type as ‘0’.


Once you have prepared the source file, import the name from the File menu. MAP the fields in the Import Wizard and start import names into MoneyWorks.