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Rename the field labels in QuickBooks template

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

Due to limited fields available in the template design, you may rename the field label to fine tune the QuickBooks accounting software towards your requirement.

For example, if you are not using the FOB field but require a Permit Number field in your Sales Invoice, you may rename the field label of “FOB” to “Permit No.”.


Although both the data entry and print out is using the new field label (Permit No.), the field name remains as “FOB”. In the Find function or insert the data field into the report you still use the original name (FOB).


QuickBooks | Split

Software: QuickBooks accounting software

In the List report, such as General Ledger report, you may see some transactions labelled as -SPLIT- under the Split column.


What does “Split” mean?

Split means that there are more than one GL accounts associated with the transaction. For example, a cheque transaction for Rent expense account with GST associated may show as “Split” in the Bank account. The double entry for this transaction will be:

Debit Rent expense account

Debit GST liability account

Credit Bank account

You need to zoom into the transaction to find out more about which account it posted to.

Since most of the transactions will have a “Split”, I usually remove this column.

Report Basis

Software: Reckon QuickBooks accounting software

In the QuickBooks Financial Report such as Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet report, you will see an “Accrual Basis” printed on the top left corner.

Report Basis 1

Some user may like to remove it.

To remove the “Accrual Basis” label from your report header simply clicks the Modify Report button, which located at the top left corner of your report and unchecked the Report Basis checkbox from the Header/Footer tab.

Report Basis 2