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MoneyWorks Datacentre 8.1.8r2 update

Cognito has released an update patch 8.1.8r2 resolving an incorrect calculation of the discounted price via price levels D, E, and F on the sales transactions.

Please visit Cognito website for the change history of version 8.1.8.

How to duplicate a template in QuickBooks?

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting software

A template is a preset document; a document with your company logo, fields and align according to your business requirement. You can customise template such as invoice, credit note, sales order, etc. from the template wizard under the Lists menu of the QuickBooks accounting system. Besides adding new, duplicate from the existing template is another option to quickly creating a set of templates for your business.

QuickBooks Duplicate Template

Highlight the template, click the template button at the bottom of the template list window and select duplicate to create a duplicate copy. Then, open the duplicated copy and rename or amend the fields accordingly. That’s it, done!

QuickBooks Template Type

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QuickBooks Email Template

Software: QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Software

You can email documents in PDF such as Invoice, Purchase Order, Statement, etc. directly from QuickBooks Desktop accounting software via the email client such as Microsoft Outlook with a neatly constructed email message, the email template.

The email templates are under the Send Forms preferences (under Edit menu > Preferences > Send Forms > Company Preferences tab) which the user can modify or add a new to the collection. From the Email Template preference, select the template category such as Invoice, Statement, Purchase Order, etc. and amend or add accordingly.

QuickBooks Email Template

Set up the email message (like a word processor) and insert the relevant fields, and you are ready to go. Simple.

QuickBooks Email Message

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