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How to access your MoneyWorks company file when working from home?

MoneyWorks Now.

If you are using MoneyWorks Now, download a trial copy of MoneyWorks Gold from Cognito website, install on to your home computer and access the file with your MoneyWorks Now login. MoneyWorks Now is cloud-based accounting software which allows the user to access business accounts anytime and anywhere.


MoneyWorks Datacentre.

MoneyWorks Datacentre is ‘internet ready’, allowing you to create your own ‘private cloud’. You need to get a static IP address from your internet service provider and do some minor configuration to your router if it’s not currently remotely accessible. Refer to the document at Cognito website on using Datacentre over the internet.

You need to install a copy of MoneyWorks Gold at the home computer and connect to your MoneyWorks company file via the manual IP method.


MoneyWorks Gold, Express or Cashbook.

These are the standalone software which you can backup the data from the office, restore and continue using it from your home computer which has a MoneyWorks installed. MoneyWorks is cross-platform; it doesn’t matter whether you are using a Windows computer or macOS.

Alternatively, you can use remote access software to access your office computer or server. This method does not require to install MoneyWorks on the home computer or transfer data between office and home.

Microsoft Remote Desktop, Google Remote Desktop, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, Teamviewer, etc. are remote access software. Once set up, you can access the host (office computer) anytime and anywhere. Please refer to the software developer website for more information. This method does not leave any office information on the home computer, and you get to access your office email and shared drive without moving the documents from one location to another.

MoneyWorks is a small business accounting software which works on Windows, macOS, and Cloud. Sign up a demo to find out how to use MoneyWorks to manage your business accounts.


How to convert from MYOB or AccountEdge to MoneyWorks?

Software: MoneyWorks Accounting Software

MoneyWorks is a small business accounting software which works on Windows, macOS, and Cloud. MoneyWorks has powerful template designing tool, built-in report writer, and API for those who like to integrate with other databases (such as FileMaker) or software like the Ostendo or Daylite CRM as a complete business solution.

Besides complexity and powerful feature built-in, Cognito makes the switch to MoneyWorks easy for those who are using MYOB or AccountEdge and want a switch. The conversion document is at Cognito website explaining what and how to make a switch, and there is also a video showing you step by step in converting from MYOB or AccountEdge to MoneyWorks accounting software.

Sign up a demo to find out more about MoneyWorks or download a trial version to test drive.

How to create a Credit Note in QuickBooks?

Software: QuickBooks Desktop accounting

Credit Note is a document issued from the seller to the buyer for goods returned or credit for overstated in sales value.

QuickBooks Credit Memo

For QuickBooks Desktop accounting, the Credit Memo (a.k.a. Credit Note) is under the Customers menu (Create Credit Memo/Refund). Credit Memo is using the same sequential number as the Sales Invoice. For example, if the last sales invoice number is 1234, then the next Credit Memo number is 1235. Some accountant may like to have a unique sequential number for the Credit Memo, such as using a prefix to tag the Credit Memo (CN2001, CN2002, etc.); by doing so, the following Sales Invoice number will continue from the Credit Memo saved. For example, if the Credit Memo is CN2002, then the next Sales Invoice will continue as CN2003, you have to change the invoice number manually to keep it consistent.

QuickBooks Discount and Credit

Similar to the Sales Invoice, you cannot use a General Ledger account directly in Credit Memo. Consider creating an Other Charge item and associate it to the relevant income account from the item list and use it in Credit Memo if the credit is not about goods returned. You do not need to enter a negative value for the credit amount, QuickBooks will credit the accounts receivable and debit the relevant income or inventory account automatically. You have an option of retaining it as a credit to offset against future invoices, give a refund, or offset with the existing outstanding invoice when the Credit Memo saved.

QuickBooks is a simple, easy to use accounting system for small businesses; it has both Cloud-based (QBO – QuickBooks Online) and a Desktop version for those who prefer to keep their accounts locally. Sign up a free QuickBooks demo to find more on how to use QuickBooks to manage your business finance.