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Validity Date of Quote

Software: MoneyWorks accounting software

A Validity Date of Quote helps protect the buyer and seller; the price quoted is being locked within an “x” number of days from the quote date.

The Due Date in a Quote can be used as a Validity Date. You may add the Due Date field (Transaction.DueDate) by inserting a new Calculation field with the Transaction.DueDate in the Calculation Box; or duplicate both the field label and field data of the Quote Date (Transaction.TransDate), then rename the duplicated field label to “Validity Date” and replace the Calculation Box of the duplicated field with the Transaction.DueDate. Duplicate from the Quote Date field also duplicates the font type, style and format of the field.

Save and Sign the template (giving the access right of the template to the users) after amendment. Upload the amended template to the server if you are using the MoneyWorks DataCentre, or copy and paste the template to the MoneyWorks Gold Client computer if you are in a MoneyWorks Gold-Client environment.

Add additional Data Field to the QuickBooks template

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

The “Invoice To” field in the QuickBooks sales invoice can take up to five lines, which has a maximum of 41 characters per line. The “Invoice To” field is made up of a Company Name field (first line) and 4 Addresses line.

If the contact person is needed, you may consider adding the contact person under the contact tab of the name profile, then follow by adding the contact field in the invoice template.

Customer Profile

In the Layout Designer, click the “Add” button and select the Data Field function to add a new field in the QuickBooks template. Fields such as the Customer Contact (the primary contact), Customer Alt. Contact (the secondary contact), or the Customer Phone can be added to the template

QuickBooks template

Those additional data fields, which you had added, will be printed on the invoice but will not be shown on the sales invoice transaction window.

Print the amount payable of a foreign currency invoice in base currency equivalent in QuickBooks accounting software

Software: Intuit QuickBooks accounting software

Although, the foreign currency invoice does show a base currency equivalent amount and an exchange rate used in the invoice, these fields are not available for print.

Since the User defined fields in the template are limited, you may consider adding the base currency equivalent amount at the description area of the sales invoice (after the last item sold).

Assume your base currency is the Singapore dollar (SGD), you may add the below information into a foreign currency invoice.

Total amount payable excluding GST in SGD:

Total GST (7%) payable in SGD:

Total amount payable including GST in SGD:

base currency equivalent