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Intellisync – Failed to connect to the device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again.

Lately, I upgraded my BlackBerry Handheld device. I retired my BlackBerry 8707v and upgraded to a new BlackBerry Bold. Upgrading to a new handheld is supposed to be exciting; everyone likes to have new things, isn't it? I faced a slight problem when comes to upgrading. 

I managed to install the new BlackBerry Desktop 4.6 (that comes with the package) and did a change of device. All data from my old BlackBerry 8707v was successfully transferred to my new BlackBerry Bold. But thereafter, whenever I plucked in my BlackBerry Bold, there was an error message prompted: 

Bb error

I did a few tests myself, that includes: 

  • Wipe out my BlackBerry Bold's data and re-do the change of handheld device again via Device Switch Wizard.
  • Installed the Blackberry desktop onto another computer to ensure the problem was not with my computer.
  • Reset configuration from the Synchronization option
  • Go to the web to search for answer and followed the suggestion given; but all these failed.

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