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Upgrade to new macOS Mojave

MoneyWorks version 8 does run on the new macOS Mojave. Please refer to the system requirement for more information.

You get an error of:

The document “” could not be opened because of a disk related error while making the temp file. (Error code – 123, The disk volume does not support Macintosh “safe saving”. MoneyWorks cannot use it.)

MoneyWorks error code 123

if you try running an older version of MoneyWorks on a new macOS Mojave, you should upgrade the software before upgrading the operating system.

Alternatively, you may switch to MoneyWorks Now, a cloud-based accounting system which always has the latest version without you having to worry about upgrading the computer.

Contact your consultant on upgrading MoneyWorks.


QuickBooks Desktop 2019 is now available!

Intuit QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Premier features include:

  • Invoice Tracker
    Improve your cash flow by tracking invoice status at a glance.
  • Convert to cheque
    View unpaid bills from a vendor to manage payments.
  • Transfer Credits
    Transfer customer credit across jobs quickly and easily.
  • Easily manage inventory items
    Locate items and view inventory related tasks in QuickBooks Inventory Centre.
  • Track your balance sheet by class
    Use this built-in, easy-to-access report to track financial data separately by location, department, or profit centre.
  • Bill clients progressively
    Track and bill clients by time and material, job phase, or percentage completion, it’s your choice.

Contact us if you like to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks demo is available every Tuesday, book a demo now to understand how QuickBooks can help to manage your business finance.


Intellisync – Failed to connect to the device. Please make sure that the device is properly connected and try again.

Lately, I upgraded my BlackBerry Handheld device. I retired my BlackBerry 8707v and upgraded to a new BlackBerry Bold. Upgrading to a new handheld is supposed to be exciting; everyone likes to have new things, isn't it? I faced a slight problem when comes to upgrading. 

I managed to install the new BlackBerry Desktop 4.6 (that comes with the package) and did a change of device. All data from my old BlackBerry 8707v was successfully transferred to my new BlackBerry Bold. But thereafter, whenever I plucked in my BlackBerry Bold, there was an error message prompted: 

Bb error

I did a few tests myself, that includes: 

  • Wipe out my BlackBerry Bold's data and re-do the change of handheld device again via Device Switch Wizard.
  • Installed the Blackberry desktop onto another computer to ensure the problem was not with my computer.
  • Reset configuration from the Synchronization option
  • Go to the web to search for answer and followed the suggestion given; but all these failed.

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