GST description show on QuickBooks’ forms

Software: Reckon Account

Reckon Account software (formerly a.k.a. Reckon QuickBooks accounting software) does not have a Delivery Order function, it prints the Delivery Order using the Invoice template instead. Usually, a Delivery Order capture information such as the product and quantity but without the unit price or total amount of the transaction. Although there is no value in the delivery order form, there is a string of text such as ‘7% GST Output’ or any GST description which you stated in the GST item, show in the description column after the last product automatically.

To remove this ‘unwanted’ string of text from the form, you have to first turn on the ‘Tax Total’ from the Footer of the form designer. Then, change the colour of both the field and label to white and remove any border set on the field property.

QuickBooks Delivery Order

The additional GST description will not show after the last item sold (or delivered) once the Tax Total has added to the form. Although you have added the field, white will not print.

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