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Back to basic – QuickBooks Customer Centre

Today, I am going to discuss about my other favourite feature in QuickBooks 2009/10 Asia – Customer Centre.

Customer Centre button is one of the five buttons in the Navigation bar. Click on the Customer Centre button, Customer Centre page will be launched. In the Customer Centre, the top portion consists of sub-menu such as:

New Customer & Job

  • New Customer
  • Add Job

New Transactions

  • Estimate
  • Sales Order
  • Invoice
  • Sales Receipt
  • Statement Charges
  • Receive Payment
  • Adjustment Note/Refunds


  • Customer & Job List
  • Customer & Job information
  • Customer & Job Transaction List


  • Export Customer List
  • Export Transactions
  • Import from Excel


  • Prepare Letter to …
  • Prepare Customer Letters …
  • Prepare Collection Letters …
  • Customise Letter Template

On the left hand side of the Customer Centre you will see two tabs; Customers & Job tab and Transactions Tab.

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Can I have an individual auto running invoice number for each individual customer?

During my QuickBooks demo, this prospect asked whether can he had an individual auto running invoice number for each of his customer.

Example: his two customers ABC Pte Ltd and DEF Pte Ltd.

Invoices to ABC Pte Ltd will be started running from “ABC2009001”, while DEF Pte Ltd’s invoices will be from “DEF2009001”.

If you want to do it manually, you can simply edit the invoice number each time you created an invoice.

How to do this process automatically?

Personally, I don't advice customer to do so; but, if this requirement is a must, you may try the below method.

You can create one Account Receivable account for each individual Customer:Job. In QuickBooks, every Account Receivable account has its own set of running number. Thus, this will fulfilled this prospect’s requirement of having an individual auto running invoice number for each individual customer.

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Tracking of customer’s historical transactions in QuickBooks

2009_0829_01_custcent In business, tracking of customer purchasing and payment history is important. As a business owner it is important to know when did your customer purchased from you, how often he buys from you and how was the payment pattern like.

This information helps you in deciding when to follow up for the next sales, releasing of a longer terms of payment and any outstanding sales order pending to be delivered.

QuickBooks 2009/10 introduce a new Customer Centre feature that provides you with an overview of this customer's purchasing and payment history.

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